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How To Get Set Up in Your New Home in Springfield, MO

After packing up the moving van and heading to your new home, there’s still plenty to do when you arrive. Sure, you bought the house and got the job, but what about everything else? The most exciting part is still yet to come: getting settled in and turning your new house into a home. 

Getting your new home ready doesn’t have to be a challenge. Let’s go over how to get your life started in Springfield. 

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What to Do Before Moving 

Prior to moving into your home, you’ll want to get set up with the necessities: water, gas, electricity and internet. For Springfield residents, this process is a breeze. You can access Springfield, MO City Utilities online and make them aware of your upcoming move. Once you’ve set up your account, you can select your address and ensure your utilities are operating when you arrive. 

City Utilities and HughesNet are rolling out gigabit internet in Springfield, MO

When it comes to internet providers in Springfield, Missouri, there are several options to choose from, including AT&T, Mediacom, HughesNet and more. Plus, gigabit internet is starting to sprout up via a partnership between City Utilities and HughesNet. Faster speeds await—perfect for anyone who’s now working from home! Each service provider will have a different coverage area, so make sure your home is in the provider’s service area. You’ll most likely need to be moved into your home to have internet set up, but you can still get the ball rolling. You should reach out to your internet service provider and set up an appointment in the first few days after you move in. If you’re interested in getting cable TV too, you might look into bundling internet and TV for a better deal. 

When moving to Springfield, MO with school-age children, it’s important to notify Springfield schools in advance and arrange for necessary transfers. Contact the school district in your new area and provide them with the required documents, such as proof of residency and your children’s academic records. This will ensure a smooth transition for your children and allow them to continue their education without interruption.

How to Set Up On Move-In Day

Image of home in Springfield surrounded by trees and fall-colored leaves | Live in Springfield MO
Setting up services for your new home in Springfield, MO is easy

Now’s the time to get your move started—but what comes first? We suggest starting with the big stuff. Once you get your major appliances unloaded, it’s all downhill. After those items are in place, pick a room and go from there. When choosing which room to set up first, think of your preferences: 

  • Are you moving later in the day? Putting your bedroom together means you can get to sleep faster! 
  • If you’re working on a move that’ll take a few days, consider setting up the living room first. This will give you an area to relax and take a break before you finish unpacking. 
  • Already starving? If you know you need to eat soon, the kitchen is an area that requires some very specific unpacking. Getting utensils and appliances in the right place will make cooking and dining a breeze. 
  • If you want your home to feel lived-in, start unloading and placing décor items soon after arriving. Though it may not seem practical, something as simple as seeing a family photo on the wall can make your new surroundings feel more like home.  

What to Do After the Move 

Once everything is in its place, you can start to enjoy your new life in Springfield. Before you get too comfortable, though, there are still a few things you’ll need to cross off your list. Make sure you’ve got your new address in hand and hit the pavement to get yourself fully set up. This usually includes: 

  • Opening bank accounts
  • Updating your address for:
    • Post Office
    • Credit card accounts 
    • Insurance 
    • Checkbooks 
  • Registering your car with Missouri plates 
  • Getting a new driver’s license 
  • And don’t forget to update any mailing subscriptions or online billing information. You don’t want those orders going to your old address!
  • Bonus idea: Grab a copy of 417 Magazine—the region’s local lifestyle magazine named after your new area code—to help you get better acquainted with the Springfield community and the surrounding area. Maybe even hook yourself up with an annual subscription so you can stay in the know about the newest and best things happening in 417-land!

Now’s also the time to start setting up any services you’ll need. Moving means getting a new doctor, dentist, car mechanic, hair stylist, veterinarian and much, much more. Start doing your research and setting up appointments. Be sure to consult the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce directory, which is home to hundreds of member businesses in a wide variety of industries. Once you have a go-to business for these services, you’ll feel like a local in no time. 

Are you looking for a new city to live your best life? Download our relocation guide and start planning your move to Springfield MO.

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