Cost of living

One of the major factors attracting people to the Ozarks is the surprisingly low cost of living in Springfield, MO. Whether you’re investing in a home or simply buying groceries or gas, your hard-earned money stretches a lot further here.

Cost of living categories

14% lower than the national average

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Health Care

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Kiplinger ranked Springfield among “The 25 Cheapest U.S. Cities to Live In.” Our cost-of-living index is 86 on a scale where the average is 100—significantly lower than Los Angeles at 145.9, Boston at 150.1, Dallas at 107.7 and Denver 110.8.

Springfield’s cost of living is:

  • 2.4% lower than St. Louis
  • 3.3% lower than Kansas City
  • 13.9% lower than Dallas
  • 35.4% lower than Chicago