What is the Cost of Living like in Springfield?

One of the major factors attracting people to the Ozarks is the surprisingly low cost of living in Springfield, MO. Whether you’re investing in a home, or simply buying groceries or gas, your hard-earned money stretches a lot further here.

Cost of Living Compared to National Average

In Springfield, the average cost of living is 15.5% lower than the national average. View the chart below to see an expanded breakdown of how Springfield compares in various economic categories to the national average (2021 data shown below).

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Health Care

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Springfield, MO vs. Other U.S. Cities Cost of Living

With major cities relatively close by, check out these quick comparisons to what Springfield’s cost of living is:

  • 9.3% lower than Kansas City
  • 13.9% lower than Nashville
  • 15.8% lower than Dallas
  • 26.4% lower than Chicago

Salary Comparison & Affordability Calculator

Want to know what you could afford if you made the move to Springfield? Using the index calculator below, input your yearly base salary and select which state you currently reside in to run a quick cost comparison. We bet you’ll be surprised at your cost of living results!