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Springfield, MO’s Climate & Seasons

If you like weather, we’ve got lots of it! The Springfield area is noted for having some of the most varied weather in America. We have four distinct seasons:

  • Warm, sun-filled summers from June through mid-September (make sure to check out Springfield swimming spots when it’s especially hot outside!)
  • Cool autumns with colorful foliage displays!
  • Moderately cold winters with occasional snowfall (and many options for fun holiday festivities!)
  • Mild springs with plenty of showers for May flowers!

The Springfield, MO climate is refreshingly diverse and brings new experiences with every season!

What does the annual weather look like?

As mentioned before, Springfield enjoys a nice mix of weather patterns. Typical Springfield weather during the year looks like:

  • 210 days of sunshine
  • 97 days of precipitation
  • 45 inches of rainfall
  • 20 inches of snowfall

With such wonderful changes that happen each season, it’s important to find ways to get outside and enjoy the local Springfield area. Make sure to stay safe and wear clothing appropriate for each season!

A Glance at Springfield Seasonal Temperatures

44-67° F


65-88° F


46-69° F


24-45° F


In the Spring, temperatures in the Ozarks hover between 44 and 67 degrees fahrenheit – perfect for light jackets and rain boots! During the summer, you’ll want to throw on your tank top, shorts and baseball hat for summer fun as temperatures rise to between 65 and 88 degrees (and it has been known to break 100 on special occasions).

As Autumn comes around, the breeze begins to blow in cooler temperatures than hang out from 46 to 69 degrees. Lastly, although winters tend to be mild, be prepared for a drop in the colder months to temperatures ranging between 24 and 45 degrees!