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How to: Find a Hobby in SGF

Young woman climbing an indoor rock wall

After you’ve started to settle into a new city, the fun begins. What are you going to do with your time when you aren’t working? For many, moving to a new city creates the opportunity to try out a new hobby or reignite interest in an old passion. If you’ve just settled down in the Queen City, you won’t have to go far to find an activity you’ll love. When you’re hunting for the next place to find a hobby, take a look at this list! 

Get creative at a maker space 

Never heard of a makerspace before? Don’t feel too behind — makerspaces are a relatively new concept where multiple people can come together to make something. This can range from sewing, 3D printing, leather stamping or anything else you could imagine. If you don’t have the space or equipment needed to get involved with a hobby, this is the place to be.  

For example, Millet and Hammer was founded by an artist collective with the goal of becoming one of the leading spots for hobbyists to thrive. You can work on something as small as a paper craft or as large as building furniture. Millet and Hammer opens for First Friday Art Walk each month, allowing the community to come in and see the work of the makers. You might just find your next customer there! 

Hit the aisles of the hobby stores 

If you’re still trying to find something you love, consider checking out the aisles of a hobby store. Not only do they have dozens of options, their trained staff can help match you with the perfect hobby. 


HobbyTown aims to “make free time awesome” through their wide variety of hobby options. You can find drones, 3D printers, helicopters, metal detectors and much much more in their aisles. Plus, you’ve got options for all ages here, so go ahead and bring the kids too! 

Sleeth Hobbies 

Sleeth Hobbies prides themselves on their ability to find whatever you need, whenever you need it. Though the shop focuses on RC cars and model airplanes, you can still find all of the hobby gear you need no matter your interest. If you haven’t given this store a look, now is the time to check it out. 

Find a new passion 

Ready to dive into something you’ve never tried before? We’ve got tons of opportunities for you to check out a unique hobby: 

  • Homebrewing. Ever wanted to make a batch of beer by yourself? The folks over at Show Me Brewing let you take brewing into your own hands. They’ll pair you up with a brewmaster and guide you through making ten gallons of beer. Once you’ve got the hang of it, check out one of the local beer supply shops and try it at home! 
  • Stand up comedy. Test out your new material at the Blue Room Comedy Club’s open mic night. Anyone and everyone is welcome to give comedy a try, and there’s no cover. Don’t be afraid to give it a shot, you might just find your new passion! 
  • Rock climbing. You don’t have to hit the mountains to find your next great climb at Zenith Climbing Center. This indoor climbing gym has all of the gear you need to get started, and their staff is ready to help you out if you haven’t given it a shot before. Once you’re comfortable on the wall, you can consider signing up for their climbing competitions to prove your skills! 
  • Disc Golf.  Whether you’ve been playing for years or you’d like to try something new, the Springfield-Greene County Park Board offers multiple locations to try your hand at disc golf. This fun mix of regular golf and frisbee involves throwing a flat disc across the course until you get it in the basket. Local courses range from 9 to 18 baskets, and the lowest cumulative score wins.
  • Language learning. If you’re ready to pick up a new language, the Foreign Language Institute at Missouri State University is here to help. The FLI offers classes on languages like Italian, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili and more. If you’re looking for a quick lesson, you can enroll in their traveler’s classes to get a crash course in the language, or you can enroll for credit in their long term courses for some more intense language learning. 

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