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5 Reasons To Raise Your Family in Springfield, MO

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If you’ve been considering moving to the Show-Me State, you’ve probably been asking yourself this question: where is the best place to raise a family in Missouri? While the answer to the question of “best place” may be very subjective based on your family’s own unique criteria, we’d like to offer you some objective reasons why we believe Springfield is a great place for families of all kinds to live.  

Whether you’ve found a new job, trying to get closer to family, or simply looking  for new scenery (which the Ozarks do offer beautiful scenery!), moving means making some major shifts to accommodate such a significant change. Before you make those shifts, continue reading this article to find out what makes Springfield such a good city for families. Who knows? You may just find yourself becoming a new life-long “Ozarkian” native.

#1. Springfield Boasts Plenty of Jobs and Affordable Housing

While it’s true that Springfield has ranked on ValuePenguin’s “Best 150 cities for young families” list, compiled by Andrew Pentis, it’s also true that Springfield, MO is a unique midwestern city that boasts plenty of jobs and affordable housing options (according to Jordan Rosenfeld with But what exactly is the housing market like in Springfield, MO and is it truly one of the most affordable places to live in Missouri?

The Greater Springfield Board Of Realtors has reported that a single family 3-bedroom home in Springfield on average costs around $164,000. Compare that t0 cities like Dallas, Atlanta, and Philadelphia and it’s easy to see the evidence of Springfield’s housing costs being 25.5% lower than the national average!

Not only are the homes more affordable, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of private neighborhoods and housing styles to suit your growing family’s needs. With an average commute time of 20-minutes across the city, you’ll find the home of your dreams. Whether you’re looking for a traditional bungalow, modern farmhouse or a downtown condo, you can find a home you’ll be sure to love that’s within your budget.

2. Springfield’s Amenities and Attractions Make “Staycations” Easy!

Ranked 52 out of 180 on WalletHub’s “Best & Worst Cities for Staycations”, written by Adam McCann, Springfield, MO fairs well in categories like recreational opportunities, food and entertainment options, and rest/relaxation. But here’s what you need to know, simply put: you’ll  never struggle to find fun in this city!

Springfield, MO has  a long list of attractions the whole family will enjoy. Got a house full of animal lovers?  Get up close with that entire animal kingdom at The Dickerson Park Zoo where you can feed the giraffes or see lions, hippos, and flamingos sunbathing on a beautiful day. After you’ve walked through the different habitats at the zoo, dive into the aquatic world at the Wonders of Wildlife – a premier exhibit that was voted best aquarium in America by USA Today in 2021.

When you’re ready to put your thinking caps on, venture over to the Discovery Center, an interactive science museum that has exhibits for kids of all ages. For a little brain exercise, consider visiting a program at the Springfield-Greene County Library. Programs are offered for all ages, with exciting events like Skype visits with noted authors, history tours, storytime, book clubs and movie showings. All these and so many more opportunities make a strong case for Springfield being the best place to raise a family in Missouri!

#3. Springfield’s Outstanding School System

The Springfield Region is made up of 10 counties, each offering school districts that provide a high-quality education to the local students. Springfield Public Schools (SPS) makes up the largest fully-accredited district in the state, touting achievements like an ACT score higher than the national average and 2/3 of teachers holding advanced degrees.

SPS also offers supplemental learning programs like the Health Sciences Academy, the Academy of Exploration, the Wonders of the Ozarks Learning Facility and the Missouri Innovation Academy. For parents who would prefer to enroll their students in a private school, there are a number of options to choose from, including lab schools, preparatory academies and faith-based schools. No matter your educational preferences, our schools make the grade that will give you confidence that your child is getting the best education possible.  

#4. Springfield offers Phenomenal City Parks & Recreational Fun for Young Families

With over 70 city parks in the area, you’ll always find a place to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Parks aren’t all they’ve got to offer — the Park Board also provides the city with four golf courses, three family centers, a farm park, botanical gardens, outdoor swimming pools and over 100 miles of trails. Many of these attractions are available for free or a low-cost, perfect for spending a day together without having to budget before.

Are your older kids looking for a way to get some extra cash? The Park Board hires teens as young as 16 to help out at the parks over the summer, allowing them to gain job experience while building lifelong memories.

#5. Springfield Features Top Tier Healthcare Opportunities

Healthcare is the city’s largest industry, contributing to 17% of the local workforce. This emphasis on health means that you can rest easy knowing you and your family will always receive the highest quality healthcare possible. There is a doctor for each major medical specialty available, and two top 100 ranked hospital systems in the region. Whether you simply need a primary care physician or a more complex specialty doctor, you can find the care you need without having to travel far.

Are you ready to start you life in Springfield?

Download our relocation guide and explore the unique culture of the Queen City of the Ozarks.

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